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Outlaw Open Comp

Open to any car able to pass these rules.


If it does not say you can't, you CAN


  1. Any full bodied race car. No Dwarf cars, sprints or midgets. Full frame required - OEM, tube, or any combination

  2. Front engine only

  3. Rear wheel drive only

  4. Open front wheel OK



  1. Full six point roll cage. Minimum 1 5/8 diameter, .095 wall.   Subject to tech

  2. Aluminum highback left turn racing seat minimum. Full containment seat strongly advised.

  3. Seat must be mounted in steel frame and secured to cage, not the body or floor.

  4. 5-point harness minimum. Must consist of 3” lap and shoulder belts and anti-sub belt.

  5. Belts must be no older than 2015 and be in good shape. No faded or torn belts allowed

  6. Belts must be mounted to cage in correct location as per manufacturer instructions .

  7. Full face helmet required. Must be Snell SA05 or newer.

  8. Firesuit required. Must be in good shape with no holes. Multi-layer recommended

  9. Fire retardant boots, gloves and neck brace required. Hans device strongly advised.

  10. Drivers side window net or arm restraints required. Must be mounted with latch in top front corner and be easily accessed from the outside. No net required with arm restraints

  11. Minimum 2 ½ pound fire extinguisher mounted in cockpit and be within easy reach of driver. Full fire suppression system strongly recommended

  12. If car is topless, driver must use arm restraints and arms must not extend outside of cage.



  1. Front engine only

  2. Any 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engine allowed.

  3. Single carburetor only, any CFM.

  4. Naturally aspirated only

  5. Muffler required. May be no louder than 95 dba 100 feet.


Fuel System:

  1. Fuel cell must be in steel can and mounted behind rear axle

  2. Fuel cell must be mounted safely in steel cradle and attached side to side to frame.

  3. Any type fuel allowed. No fuel additives



  1. Cars must be numbered on both sides and top and be visible by scorekeeper.

  2. Top number must be read from passenger side. If convertible, top number must be on rear deck

  3. Any specialty item OK if does not interfere with the safety of other drivers or track officials. These may include, but not limited to: Sprint car top wings, sideboards, rear spoilers of any size or design, or front wedge fins.