2014 Siskiyou Motor Speedway RWUB Rules


2014 Run What You Brung Official Rules

All rules are tech’ed to the intent, not the letter. Track official has final decision.

All cars, drivers and passengers MUST be checked in at pit trailer no later than 8:00 p.m.
There will be no participants entered after 8:00 p.m.

1. Any standard street car. Two door, four door, or wagons OK. No trucks or vans.
2. 4 or 6 cylinder engines only.
3. Vehicle must be titled to driver, or have written permission from titled owner. Driver must show title or letter at check in.
4. 2wd vehicles only. No 4wd or AWD.
5. Solid roof only. No convertibles or sunroofs.
6. Car body additions allowed if does not interfere with safety or performance. No profane or vulgar body additions. This is a family show.
7. All glass, except windshield, must be duct taped. All outside mirrors, headlights, taillights, blinkers and any other marker lights must be completely taped. A MINIMUM of an X is required for taping of door glass.
8. Windshield wipers must be operational and be effective.
9. Standard street tires only. No racing tires or studded tires. Tread gap not to exceed 5/16 inch.
10. All cars will start race with all body panels in place and secured. Bumpers to be welded or bolted to vehicle.
11. All four brakes must be working correctly.
12. Car number must be visible on both sides of car. Minimum 18 inches tall.
13. No offensive numbers!
14. Driver and passengers must wear full face helmet at all times on the racing surface.
15. Any participants MUST have minimum 3 point seat belt and be securely latched at all times.
16. Vehicle may only carry passengers that have access to a 3 point safety belt.
17. Transponders are not required.
18. Entry fee is $30. Driver and passenger must enter through the back gate and have a pit band to participate.
19. Driver and all passengers are not allowed into grand stand area. Must stay in pit area.
20. Driver must have knowledge of the racing flags.
21. This is a for fun class, not track competition or points. Winner receives trophy. No payout.
22. Tech officials decision on car is final.

Approved by SCMA Board of Directors.