2013 Siskiyou Motor Speedway RWUB Rules


2013 Run What You Brung Official Rules

  1. Must show vehicle title at back gate and/or written permission from vehicle owner with proof of ownership.
  2. Two wheel drive vehicles only. Four wheel drive and All wheel drive vehicles are not allowed.
  3. Solid roofs only.
  4. All glass, except windshields, must be duct taped. This includes windows, lights, and mirrors. An “X” is minimum requirement.
  5. Standard tires only. No racing, performance or studded tires. Maximum 5/16″ tread gap.
  6. Body of vehicle must remain in stock condition, no trimming or altering of the factory body. Securely fastened additions are encouraged. ALL modifications must be approved by tech official before entering racing surface.
  7. Vehicle must have working brakes.
  8. Loose parts must be removed or secured before racing.
  9. Vehicle number must be on both sides of the vehicle, minimum 18″ tall. No profane or vulgar numbers or lettering allowed. Please remember that this is a family show.
  10. Driver and passengers must all wear full faced helmets.
  11. ALL drivers and passengers must attend driver’s meeting prior to each event.
  12. ALL drivers and passengers are not allowed to leave the pit area once they are signed in at back gate.
  13. Any driver or passenger who leaves the pit area during the night will relinquish their band with no remittance and no refund.
  14. No additional drivers or passengers will be signed in after driver’s meeting.
  15. ALL vehicles will be subject to tech by Tech Official.

Approved by SCMA Board of Directors.