2012 Siskiyou Motor Speedway Super Stock Rules


2012 Siskiyou Motor Speedway
Super Stock Rules

Also available in PDF format: 2012 Siskiyou Motor Speedway Super Stock Rules

A. Must be 1965 or newer American sedans. Station wagons, convertibles, pickups, 4X4s and Corvettes not allowed. Rear wheel drive only.
B. 108-inch wheel base minimum.

A. Factory production complete full frame, 1965 or newer parallel frame American passenger car, or unibody car only.
B. Unibody cars must connect front and rear with a minimum 2″ X 3″, min. .120 tubing, “X” braced for roll cage attachment.
C. Chassis must remain unaltered past the rear suspension mounting points, Reinforcement may be added to mount fuel cell.
D. No Tube chassis or fabricated clip cars of any kind.
A. Car must weigh at least 3200 lbs with driver at all times. 53 % Rear weight Maximum.
B. All weights must be painted white with the car number on them.
C. All weights must be secured with a minimum of two ½ inch bolts.
D. If you lose a weight on the track you may be disqualified and fined $25.00.
A. All steering components must be stock and in stock location.
B. Steering Quickeners are allowed
C. No Rack and Pinion steering is allowed.
D. Aftermarket power steering pumps are ok.

A. Aftermarket bodies o k. Roof panel is required. Nose and tailpiece optional with aftermarket bodies. No rub rails.
B. All panels must appear stock. No less than 22 gauge steel on floor pan and cockpit area. Other body panels may be aluminum .040 thick, with 3 breaks on horizontal sides (I.e. doors and rear quarter panels).
B. 6” blade deck lid spoiler ok (no boxing).
C. Body skirts are ok.
D. Rear end of car must be closed past the frame rails.
E. If the stock floorpan does not exist, you must use 22 gauge steel for the floor and firewall portion of the doghouse. The remaining sides may be .040 aluminum panels.
F. No modifications to the hood for radiator clearance is allowed.
G. May interchange bodies within corporate lines.
H. All chrome, glass and trim pieces must be removed from body panels.
I. Windshield opening must have a minimum of three (3) 1/4″ solid steel bars or 1/2″ tubing in front of driver for protection spaced no farther than a tire width apart.
J. Trimmed fenders should have rolled edges.
A. All bumpers must be stock and in stock location.
B. Both bumpers must be strapped to fenders or frame rails to eliminate “hooking”.
C. If the driver loses a bumper on the track there may be a $25 fine and disqualification.
B. Bumpers must have tow straps or hooks or chains to allow the wrecker to lift car.
A. All numbers must be at least 20” tall and 4” wide. The numbers must be legible.
B. All cars must have a number on both sides and on the roof, facing towards the passenger side of the car.
C. Must use contrasting colors so that the scorekeepers may read your number.

A. OEM cast iron heads only.
B. No roller cams or lifters. Hydraulic cams only.
C. OEM connecting rods only. No aluminum or titanium.
D. # 1 spark plug not to be set back any further than the center line of the lower ball joint.
E. Stamped steel rocker arms only.
F. No dry sump oiling systems.
G. Aluminum water pumps ok.
H. Radiators must remain in front of the motor.
I. All cars must have a working starter. The starter must be mounted in stock location.
J. No head porting beyond the stock gasket. To tech approval.
K. Crankshafts must be OEM and stock only. Balance ok No other alterations.
L. No gear drives.
M. No stroker engines of any type.
N. 358 cubic inch maximum displacement only!!
A. Any manifold determined to be modified will be confiscated and driver will be disqualified.
B. Dual plane manifold only( Edelbrock-rpm, Holley contender etc) no torque link or marine manifolds.
C. Maximum 1” spacer for carb.
D. Any single 4 barrel carburetor.
E. Metal air cleaners mandatory.
F. Must have 2 throttle return springs.
A. Must run a muffler. Not to exceed 95 db at 100 feet.
B. No 180 degree headers. Over the tops ok but left is left and right is right.
C. Exhaust that runs inside the car must be housed away from the driver and exit behind the driver.
D. $25 fine and disqualification may result if you lose a muffler on the track.

A. Standard transmissions must run steel or iron flywheels and standard 10 1/2-11″ OEM clutch. Must be single disc type. No after market racing clutches. Any steel or iron flywheel okay.
B. All transmissions must have explosion proof type bellhousing, scattershield , or a 1/4 “ plate type scattershield.
C. All transmission coolers must be mounted outside driver compartment.

A. All cars must have original type suspension in stock location.
B. Racing shocks and springs ok. Front shocks may be moved for clearance.
C. One shock per wheel only. No additional shocks allowed.
D. Upper control arms must mount to unaltered stock mounts. Aftermarket non adjustable arms will be allowed to tech official discretion. They must be the stock configuration for the frame in use. They must have a bolt in upper ball joint and be stock demensions.
E. Weight jacks will be allowed.

A. All cars must have original type suspension in stock locations.
B. Weight jacks ok.
C. Rear springs must remain in stock locations.
D. Rear shocks may be moved.
E. One shock per wheel only.

A. No quick change rear ends allowed.
B. Floater rear ends will be allowed. 60” minimum width. Floaters must be mounted in stock location with trailing arm mounts in stock location. No gun drilled axles allowed.
C. Mini spool or welded spider gears only.
D. No aluminum parts allowed.
E. Oem drive shafts only. Must be steel. Drive shaft shall be white and have car # on it.
F. One driveline hoop will mandatory 10” behind the transmission.

A. Highback, padded, left turn, aluminum racing seat only. Left turn required. No fiberglass.
B. Seat must be mounted to the rollcage with at least six 3/8 grade 8 bolts.
C. Driver harness must be a quick release five point harness with 3” lap belt and shoulder belts. The belts must be mounted securely to the roll cage. No old belts allowed (tech discretion).
D. Belt ends must be attached to roll cage or frame separately from the seat with minimum of ½” bolts and be mounted behind the driver.

A. Full roll cage is mandatory.
B. 1 3/4 “.095 minimum mild steel tubing for main cage around the driver.
C. Four door bars on drivers side and 3 minimum on passenger side. Must be 70” side to side and have two uprights connecting the door bars vertically.
D. Roll cage may extend to the front frame horns for radiator support.
E. Roll cage may go to the rear of the car inside the body. Not to exceed 70” width.
F. All bars within reach to the driver must have padding.
G. Driver door bars must be covered with 22 gauge steel plate.
H. Drivers head may not protrude above the cage with helmet on.

A. Maximun 8” wheels. Steel wheels only.
B. Bead locks ok on right rear only. Mud plug ok on right rear only.
C. Tires allowed are Hoosier G-60, McCreary and Hoosier 500. No Hoosier D allowed.
D. 2012 season will allow USED Hoosier A -40 tires on the front of the car only.
E. No siping, grooving or softening allowed.
F. All tires will exceed the body panels by tech approval.

A. Must have 4 working brakes at all times.
B. Aftermarket pedals ok.
C. Rotors and calipers must be stock. vented rotors only.
D. No shut off valves or brake bias of any sort.

A. Drivers window net is mandatory. Nets must be properly attached to the roll cage and must release from the top. Nets must be tech approved.
B. Helmets must be SA 1995 or newer and be a full faced. Helmets must be in good condition. Tech approved only.
C. SFI single layer firesuits are mandatory. Must be in good condition.
D. Some type of glove is required. Fire proof gloves and boots are recommended. Neck rolls are mandatory.
E. Must have a minimum 2 ½ lb fire extinguisher mounted in a quick release bracket within easy reach of the driver. Extinguisher must have a current certification tag at all times.
F. Must have a master kill switch that is accessible from both sides of the car and clearly marked off and on.
G. No mirrors or communication devices allowed.
H. Racing fuel cells are required and must be mounted by at least two (2) solid steel straps that are a minimum of 2 x 1/8 inches. Fuel cells must be mounted in steel containers and must be mounted securely behind the rear axle. Fuel cells must be protected by roll cage tubing, which extends past both sides of the fuel cell. Fuel cells must have a rollover valve in the vent. Fuel cells must be mounted at least 4 inches from rear bumper and cannot have the fuel pick-up underneath the cell.

A. OEM type fuel pump only. No electric fuel pumps. Fuel pump must be in stock location. NO regulators or return lines.
B. Engine must start on it’s own.
C. Battery must be mounted behind driver or in trunk compartment, securely mounted in a sealed marine type box.