2012 Siskiyou Motor Speedway JSSTA Class Rules


Jefferson State Sport Truck Association

2012 Running Rules

All rules are to the intent, not the letter. If it does not say you can, you can’t! Tech man’s decision is final.

Body and Chassis:

1. Any ½ ton or ¾ ton full size pick up. No ¼ ton or other “mini” trucks.
2. Any make or model allowed. No Suburban’s, Bronco’s, Blazer’s, Scouts ect. No El Camino’s or Ranchero’s.
3. Truck must be complete from bumper to bumper.
4. Truck chassis only. No car frames allowed. No shortening of stock frame.
5. No quad cab or crew cabs. Two (2) doors only. Extended cab OK.
6. No sunroofs or convertibles.
7. No 4×4’s. 2wd drive trucks ONLY!
8. Factory four wheel OK, but must remove transfer case and gears from front differential
9. Any box style bed allowed. No flatbeds or tool beds.
10. Stock floorboard and firewalls required.
11. All holes in floorboard and firewall must be covered with 18 gauge steel.
12. Body must be in factory location. No body set back.
13. Stock steel body required. No Aluminum or aftermarket bodies.
14. Body must remain factory welded to floorboard.
15. Gutting of body OK. No excessive body trimming, 3” with roll for tire clearance. Roof factory height.
16. Bed must use a minimum of six (6) stock mounting brackets. Remainder of bed floor may be removed.
17. All pot metal, chrome, plastic, glass and any burnable materials must be removed.
18. Passenger door must be welded or bolted shut.
19. Driver door must have factory pin and latch removed and may open for access into vehicle. Must use minimum 1/2” steel pin to secure door shut. Pin release must be within easy reach from outside of vehicle.
20. Suicide door OK.
21. Door bars are to be securely welded to cage and may not open with door.
22. If access door is not used, driver door must be welded or bolted shut.
23. Tailgate must be stock. Must open and function as factory designed. No gate nets.
24. Factory locking mechanism may be altered on tailgate. Gate must stay closed under racing conditions.
25. May alter tailgate hinges.
26. No holes in hood except for air cleaner.
27. Factory hood latch and hinges must be removed. Hood pins are required to keep hood closed.
28. No mirrors.
29. No dog housing allowed.
30. Fenders may be trimmed for tire clearance. Edges must be rolled inside.
31. No rub bars.
32. No spoilers allowed.
33. All body parts must be on truck at start of each individual race, unless prior approval is received from JSSTA Tech or Track Tech.


1. Any size gasoline engine allowed. Must remain same manufacturer as truck. (i.e. GM to GM, Dodge to Dodge)
2. 6 cylinders OK.

3. Engine must be in stock location. No set back allowed.
4. If changing from a 6 cylinder to an 8 cylinder, #2 spark plug may be no farther back than lower ball joint.
5. Engine must be STOCK! Absolutely no alterations allowed to stock engine. No aluminum.
6. No stroked motors!
7. 160 psi of cylinder compression MAXIMUM
8. Cast iron intake and exhaust manifolds only. Cast in, cast out. No ram horns or other “cheater” type manifolds allowed.
9. No porting, polishing or other enhancements to heads allowed.
10. Stock hydraulic camshaft only. No oversized cams or RV cams allowed. No solid lifter cams or rollers.
11. Stock rocker arms and nuts mandatory. No roller rockers.
12. One downdraft 2 barrel carburetor only. No Holley or aftermarket “racing” style carburetors. No fuel injection allowed.
13. If four barrel is used, must have secondary linkage removed. Subject to tech.
14. Maximum 1” carburetor spacer allowed.
15. Two (2) throttle return springs required. Must work independently of each other.
16. One radiator only and must be kept under the hood. Aluminum radiator OK.
17. Must have overflow catch can. Can not dump onto ground.
18. Exhaust must run through mufflers and exit past driver’s compartment.
19. No exhaust allowed to route through drivers compartment. Must run under the body.
20. No traction control or timing control devices.
21. All trucks must pass 95 decibels at 100 ft.

Transmission and Clutch:

1. Manual or automatic transmission. No Power Glides or other “racing” type transmissions.
2. Manual transmission must run stock clutch. Minimum 10” clutch. No smaller. No triple disc or racing style clutch allowed. Manual or hydraulic linkage. Hydraulic throw out bearing OK.
3. Stock steel or iron flywheels only. No lightweight flywheels. No lightening of flywheel.
4. 180 degree, ¼” steel scatter shield required on both manual and automatic transmissions. Blow proof bell housing HIGHLY recommended. NO aluminum bell housings!
5. Bell housing must have opening for inspection.
6. No locked torque converters. Transmission must work as OEM designed.
7. Must have a minimum of two (2) forward and one (1) reverse gears working at all times.
8. Driveline must be painted white with truck number clearly visible.
9. Driveline strap required no farther back than 18” from tail shaft. ¼” steel strap or 3/8” heavy chain. Must be bolted through floorboard and be secured.

Steering and Suspension:

1. Factory steering and suspension only.
2. No racing shocks or springs allowed. Heavy duty shocks OK.
3. One shock per wheel unless dual shocks per OEM.
4. No changing of factory suspension. (i.e. changing leaf spring to coil)
5. May cut down stock coil springs for ride height. Spring may be no shorter than 6” when installed and truck is at rest. Under slung leaf springs OK, but may not be inverted.
6. No screw jacks or any other type of adjustable suspension allowed. Coil spring spacers OK.
7. No relocating of shock or spring mounts.
8. Factory front steering only and must remain unaltered. Steering quickener optional and recommended for safety
9. No lowering blocks or changing of spindles to lower body. Stock front assemblies only.
10. Stack leaf springs only. No mono leaf or overload springs allowed. No sliders.
11. May alter number of leafs per side.
12. Stock rear ends only. No floaters or quick change allowed. May change manufacturer but must use factory suspension to the chassis. No aftermarket floaters.
13. No offset rear ends. Must be in factory location.
14. No dually rear ends.
15. Differential must be locked. Welding of spider gears or mini spools OK.
16. Factory steering box only.
17. Steering quickener optional and recommended.

Tires and Wheels:

1. Any Hoosier, McCreary or American Racer take off. D or A series tires OK. Must be a 10” wide “footprint.”
2. No new tires. Must be 75%, or less, tread remaining.
3. Full steel wheels only. Maximum 8” wide. Full double centers required. No home made wheels. Racing wheels recommended.
4. Any offset allowed.
5. No bead locks, screws or other tire locking devices.
6. No grooving or siping of tires.
7. Factory lug studs must be replaced with minimum 9/16” studs. Studs must extend through lug nuts with a minimum of 3 threads showing.

Ignition and Battery:

1. HEI distributors or external coil type distributor only. No racing ignitions. (i.e. Mallory)
2. No magnetos, coil packs or other modern ignition systems.
3. Battery must be securely mounted in the farthest forward point possible in the bed. Can not be mounted under hood or in driver’s compartment.
4. Battery must be mounted in plastic container and secured.
5. Any style battery allowed.
6. Engine must start on its own.
7. Must have Master Kill Switch easily operated from outside vehicle and be clearly marked.
8. If push start is required, driver goes to the back of the pack.


1. Factory brakes only. No upgrades.
2. No changing of OEM brake system. (i.e. changing drum to disc.)
3. Stock vented rotors only.
4. Factory calipers and rotors only. No lightweight racing brake systems allowed.
5. All four (4) brakes must work at all times.
6. No aftermarket or adjustable brake bias valves allowed.
7. No aftermarket pedals.
8. Pedals must be mounted to firewall.

Fuel Cell and Fuel System:

1. Factory fuel tank(s) must be removed.
2. Fuel cell mandatory. Must be in steel container. 22 gallon maximum.
3. Cell must be mounted in cradle that is securely welded to frame rails.
4. Cell must be mounted with two (2) steel straps, minimum 2” wide.
5. Minimum of one cross bar between down braces over cell required.
6. Full steel tonneau cover OR fuel cell must be isolated from drivers compartment by encasing cell with a minimum 18 gauge steel cover. Must extend width of frame and completely cover cell. Subject to tech.
7. Trap door to fuel cell OK. Must be made to not open under racing conditions.
8. Shielding fuel lines OK.
9. No fuel lines allowed through drivers compartment.
10. No electric fuel pumps. Mechanical pumps only.
11. Must have return line to prevent spillage in case of roll over. Must have Rollover Valve.
12. Pump gas or racing gas only. No alcohol, nitrous or other high test fuels allowed.


1. Aluminum or steel bumpers only.
2. No heavy duty, tube, diamond plate, or work bumpers allowed. No brush guards. Car style bumpers only.
3. Bottom of bumper may be no lower than 18” from the ground, and no higher than 24”.
4. Bumper supports allowed if kept neat. Must remain behind bumper.
5. Toe hook required on both front and rear bumpers.
6. No horns or jagged bumpers.
7. Nerf bars allowed but may not extend farther than 1” beyond widest part of body. Must be securely welded or bolted to bumper.
8. Must have ends of bumpers secured to prevent hooking other vehicles.
9. Must have safety chain connected to frame. $25 fine if bumper falls off on track.

Roll Cage:

1. Minimum six (6) point cage required. 1 ¾” diameter, .095 wall.
2. Four (4) point cage in cab with two (2) down braces extending to farthest rear point of frame.
3. Cage must be securely welded to frame extensions, not the body. (See diagrams)
4. Main cage must be welded to stock frame in at least two (2) extra places, subject to tech.
5. Full halo required extending full width of roof. No offset cages allowed.
6. Headache bar required.
7. Drivers head must be below halo, with helmet on and buckled into seat.
8. Must be cross braced behind driver.
9. Four (4) door bars on driver’s side and three (3) on passenger side with two (2) sets of sissy bars connecting and into frame. Must be parallel to the ground and extend out to touch door skin.
10. Top door bar on drivers side may be lowered for entry into truck, but may not compromise the integrity of cage.
11. All bars around driver must be padded.
12. Must have a minimum of three (3) body anchor points. Must be ¼” steel plate on top and bottom of floorboard with four (4) ½” bolts. Must be “sandwiched” with floorboard and frame extension in the middle.
13. “Petty Bar” OK.
14. Front loop optional. Must be kept behind grill area. Radiator bracing allowed if kept neat.
15. Minimum 18 gauge steel plate between door bars and driver door required.
16. Must have loop around tailgate opening. Must be the height of the top of the bed and welded to frame rails and braced to down braces.
17. Cage requirements are the minimum. Any extra support bars subject to tech. Make it SAFE!!


1. Aluminum high back left turn seat only! No fiberglass, Baja or stock seats.
2. Seat to be mounted in steel frame with no less than 6 mounting bolts. Grade 8 bolts required on all mounting bolts. Frame must be mounted to cage, not the floor.
3. Five (5) point racing harness required. 3” lap and shoulder belts and 2” anti-sub belt required. Must be mounted to cage and not pinched. Grade 8 bolts required. No old belts.
4. Full face helmet, Snell rating required. M rated OK, but must be 2005 or newer and driver must wear nomex head sock (balaclava). If SA rated, 2000 or newer required. No motocross or open faced helmets.
5. Full firesuit required. Must be in good shape with no holes. Proban or Nomex only.
6. Neck collar required.
7. Must wear gloves of some sort. Flame retardant boots and gloves strongly suggested.
8. Must have minimum 2 ½ lb. fire extinguisher in quick release bracket within easy reach of driver.
9. Ribbon style window net required. Must be mounted to cage with seat belt style latch and be easily operated from outside vehicle.
10. Three (3) vertical bars required in front of driver. Must be a minimum of ¼” steel rod. Must be welded to cage and be spaced no wider than the width of a tire. Mud screen recommended.

Numbers and Lettering:

1. Numbers must be neatly painted on both doors and the roof or tonneau cover. Must be minimum of 18” tall and 3” wide. Must be in good color contrast to color of truck.
2. No gold foil or prism numbers.
3. No offensive sayings or numbers allowed.
4. Truck manufacturer and number must be on tailgate.
5. Maximum of 2 (two) numerical digits.

Racing Rules:

1. No Racing to the Yellow Flag.
2. No cones on Green Flag.
3. 3 Spin Rule is a DNF.
4. Texas Style Restart.
5. No Move Over / Hold Your Line Flag.

The Other Stuff:

1. Trucks appearance must be neat and clean at all times.
2. Any ballast added must be mounted using a minimum of two (2) ½” bolts and may not be hung below bottom of frame rails. Grade 8 (eight) Bolts only.
3. All weights must be painted white with truck number clearly marked.
4. No radios or other listening devices allowed in truck.
5. Above all else, keep it simple!
6. To protest a truck, a $50 protest fee is required.
a. If valid protest, protester will get $50 back, and violator will be fined $50 and lose points and money for that night.
b. If protested truck is legal, the protest fee will be added to the point fund.